What is Ruffin’ It Online School?

• Short, flexible training sessions that can be completed anytime, anywhere.

• A professional trainer at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost of typical training programs

• A supportive community of passionate dog owners

How do online classes work?

1. Registration is done on a monthly basis. Register online or contact us to sign up.

2. You will be sent a link to a private Facebook group. This is where our Trainer will post:
• Two 15-20 minute classes per week
• A weekly info session to answer your questions and address challenges
• Tips, challenges, and discussion questions to give you access to the latest information in canine development

3. You choose to watch the lessons live, or catch the recordings at a time that works for you. You will see your dog’s skills and confidence skyrocket in no time!


What will your dog learn in this class?

The class is designed for pups of all ages who have not yet completed formal training. Each lesson can be scaffolded for many different stages of learning. You may want to sign up for one month, or continue on as long as you need until your pup is ready to graduate. Cost is $50 per month.

Puppy School will offer a solid foundation of dog training:

• Impulse control
• Walking on a leash
• Leave it and drop it
• Waiting at the gate (not running through an open door)
• How to curb common problem behaviours such as jumping, barking, puppy biting, counter surfing, and much more.


This class is great for dogs who:

• Struggle with seeing other dogs on walks
• Bark out of over excitement, fear or aggression
• Excessively pull on leash
• Get distracted easily

Benefits of an online training class:

• Start training in a familiar and comfortable environment to set your dog up for success
• Watch the recorded training sessions as many times as you want and whenever is convenient for you

Cost is $125 per month and includes a free one-on-one private training session!

Have a difficult dog at home?

Ruffin’ It Online School is the most convenient training program out there. It’s guaranteed to lead to a happier and healthier pup, as well as a stronger bond between you and your furry friend! Contact us to register today!
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