Ruffin’ It Canine Club was opened in 2019. It is 100% locally owned and operated. We aim to offer only the highest quality services and products available. Every employee at Ruffin’ It is committed to an holistic approach to canine care based on positive reinforcement and respectful handling practices.

Meet Our Trainer:
Ashley Gibbons

Ashley prides herself on using positive reinforcement training methods to create an ever-lasting bond between you and your furry friend. She takes a special interest in dog behaviour and loves working with shy, timid, fearful and reactive dogs. She has taken over thirty new science based courses this year alone, in order to keep up to date on the most recent research so that she can provide her clients with the most informative and effective training possible.

Ashley is the Vice President of The Newfoundland Athletic Dog Association, a trainer for The Newfoundland Kennel Club, and she competes in Agility, Rally, Obedience and Trick Training with her Golden Retriever, Ellie. They've earned 5 titles this year (NTD, ITD, BID, BSS, and RLI-AOE). We’re so proud of all her accomplishments and we can’t wait to see what this year will bring!

Contact Ashley at to learn how she can help you and your pup!

Meet Our Groomer:
Courtney Stephens

Courtney has been grooming for almost 9 years. She specializes in large and giant breeds but don't let that fool you, she loves pampering the little ones as well! Courtney has 4 dogs of her own, 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs, a Newfoundland Dog and the newest member of her crew, a Border Collie puppy! During her off time you can find Courtney hiking and training with her own dogs. To book an appointment please:

Call or text: 1 709 351 0073


Or visit her Facebook page:

Meet Our Groomer:
Monica Day

Monica has been grooming for 10+ years and specializes in small, fluffy pups! She has a soft spot for the nervous, sensitive souls and takes her time to ensure every dog in her care is as happy and comfortable as possible. During her time off you can find Monica and her greyhound Johnny out doing photoshoots on the trials! She also has 2 cats and a gecko at home!

Check her out on Instagram at @ruffinitgrooming!

To book an appointment please email

or call 1 709 221 7833.

Sheena Winsor is the owner of Ruffin’ It Canine Club.

She started this business for her boy, Moose. She joined forces with some of the best local talent to reach her goal of offering trustworthy and high quality services based on the latest research in canine development. All of the services and products we offer are tried and tested on our own pups. We also partner with as many local businesses as possible to create a community of responsible and knowledgeable dog owners. Sheena can be reached by email at

Behaviour Guidance Policy

All programs offered at Ruffin’ It Canine Club Inc. have been developed based on the latest research in canine behaviour and development. Our enthusiastic staff are knowledgeable in positive reinforcement training and handling skills. The safety and overall well being of our canine friends is of utmost importance in our programs.
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